About us



Here at Safety Advantage Plus, we developed various PPE products under our brand 

TIGHT GUARD.  This is partly in response to the vast shortage of PPE supplies in various 

industries, but also to develop products with TOP QUALITY and to offer ASSURANCE to 

our valued customers.



When it comes to your safety, we believe that there shouldn’t be any compromise.  

That’s why we have dedicated ourselves in sourcing and developing products with the 

highest quality available in the market, and we certify the quality with our personal seal of 

assurance, TIGHT GUARD.



We are an experienced importer and manufacturer with a wealth of knowledge in the 

PPE category. We have the resources to meet high demands at critical times, while 

offering competitive wholesale distributor pricing to our valued customers.



The quality of our TIGHT GUARD products speaks for itself.  

All products have been certified through our strict protocols in testing and quality control.



It is your health.  Guard it tight…with TIGHT GUARD.